Black Mesa Wireless is a local business bringing high-speed Internet service to the Embudo and EspaƱola Valleys NOW



Black Mesa Wireless is bringing the benefits of the new REDI Net community broadband fiber optic network to homes and businesses throughout the area. All connections are symmetric, making it easy to have high quality video conferences, upload large images and videos, and stay connected with the online world without the wait. Watch movies using Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO and more. Enjoy high-quality FaceTime and Google Hangouts conferences with friends and family. Quickly and easily back up all of your computers to cloud-based services like CrashPlan so that a failed hard drive doesn't ruin your week.


Black Mesa Wireless uses carrier-grade networking hardware, combined with the state-of-the-art REDI Net fiber optic backbone to deliver service to customers. Black Mesa Wireless service is not affected by clouds, wind, or rain. No more service outages because the old copper wires your DSL is running over are in terrible shape, or clouds have gotten between you and a satellite. We are serious about network quality and use an array of monitoring tools to keep on eye on the health of the network. You can view some of these tools on the members page >.


Black Mesa Wireless is offering the lowest-priced internet service in the area, with no hidden taxes or fees. The only items on your statement will be your service and local gross receipts tax.

We have split our service into Internet connectivity and telephone options, so that you only pay for what you want. We don't make you buy a bundle to get reasonable pricing.

For more information on pricing, see our Plans >.

Estimated Coverage Map

Estimated coverage as of 2015-01-13