Tools for Members

  • Our 24/7 support line is at 505-852-5110 or 844-544-9499

  • Email our Support team

  • Account Management Portal - Manage your accounts services, billing information, and payments

  • Check Your Email - If you have subscribed to email, you can log in and check it here.

    • Email Client Settings:

      • Protocol/Method: IMAP

      • Mail server:

      • IMAP Port: 993

      • IMAP Security: SSL or TLS

      • SMTP Port: 587

      • SMTP Security: STARTTLS (“always” or “required”, if prompted)

      • Username: Your whole email address.

      • Password: Your mail password.

  • Check Network Status - We take the quality of our network seriously. To show you we mean it, you can check some of the same monitoring tools we use to keep our network running smoothly here, including our upstream bandwidth usage to REDI Net. Normally this level of transparency is only shown by datecenters and major fiber backbone providers.

Recommended Services

These services make good use of your high-speed, symmetric Internet connection and are recommended based upon experience by Black Mesa Wireless. Black Mesa Wireless has no affiliation with any of these services except in some cases as a satisfied customer.

  • CrashPlan - Excellent, encrypted backup service. With a symmetric connection from Black Mesa Wireless, you can quickly, easily, cheaply, and securely keep your files backed up. Set it and forget it, until you need to recover. Share storage space with your friends for free backups, or purchase backup service from CrashPlan Central. Black Mesa Wireless is currently offering up to 100GB of free backup on our server to customers using CrashPlan upon request. This is an experimental program.

  • LastPass - Secure password manager that works with Android and iOS clients as well as most browsers. Save all your logins and passwords, generate new secure passwords automatically, and sync them all across all of your devices. Black Mesa Wireless strongly recommends the use of a password manager, and LastPass is top-notch.


Our network is fully IPv6 enabled! You can test if you are using IPv6 by going to Not all of our customers’ equipment has been changed over to use IPv6, so if you want to use it and it’s not working, log into the portal at and open a ticket.

On Netgear routers, you will need to ensure that your settings match what you see below. In particular, you should set the pulldown in the top right corner to “Auto Config” and then click “Apply”. When it is done applying, you should see an IPv6 address on WAN and IPv6 address on LAN starting in 2602:ff1e. You may need to let us know you have completed this step before IPv6 will work correctly on your network.