Unmetered Service Plans

Each Internet plan includes symmetric Internet service. The 2-10 Mbps include bursting over the purchased speed, which helps quickly complete downloads and start buffering video. Sustained transfers will see an average that levels off near the purchased speed, if the service being used (like a web site or Netflix) is capable of providing that transfer speed.

  • 2 Mbps - $25+tax
  • 5 Mbps - $50+tax (minimum recommended for HD streaming)
  • 10 Mbps - $65+tax (minimum for FULL HD streaming)
  • 25 Mbps - $100+tax
  • 40 Mbps - $150+tax (only available in select locations subject to site survey and on-site testing)


  • Email  - 1 GB of email storage with IMAP, POP3, and webmail access, attachments up to 50MB, and custom SPAM filter settings. Included with all Internet plans, with an address like "tmartinez@blackmesa.email".

Installation costs $150 for normal installs, $200 for 900MHz installs. There is no contract obligation for service (i.e. no requirement to subscribe for 1-2  years). Our current policy is to honor the price for your plan from signup until you change plans.

If you would like to sign up for one of these plans, please click here to register for a FREE wireless signal survey.