Upcoming tower work and service interruptions

As part of our commitment to delivering the best service we can, we are planning some upgrades for two towers early next week.

Monday 22 April, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Some clients in Espanola connected to the HS tower will experience a brief outage as we swap an access point.

Tuesday 23 April, 10:00AM to 3:00 PM. All clients connected to GJ in Sombrillo will experience a brief outage as we swap a routing device and convert an existing access point to a different model.

Thanks for your understanding!

5 years of Black Mesa Wireless

Five years ago I put up our first tower in Velarde, after testing the equipment for a few months on my deck. This photo was taken as I finished setting it up.

We've come a long way since then. Fewer 3am outages and more customers. At the heart of this business is my desire for something better than what the local telco had to offer. I take joy in seeing people finally able to stream movies, to video chat with their grandkids, to work from home like I was trying to do before.

To all of our customers, I think about you every day. Downtime pains me emotionally. I want the best service we can afford to provide to all of you. Thank you for your ongoing business. We are doing our level best to give you fast, reliable, and affordable internet service.


REDI Net Service Outage Was Due to Single Shotgun Pellet

Shotgun damage to fiber

Shotgun damage to fiber

REDI Net’s fiber techs did finally find the source of the fiber break that caused an outage. It was a single piece of shot from a shotgun, which was fired at the fiber at 12:01 AM on January 1st, probably in celebration of the new year. It required manually inspecting hundreds of feet of the fiber with a bucket truck, which is part of what caused the outage to extend for so long.

We were not satisfied with the response time in repairing this break, and some issues with that process will be discussed at the next REDI Net board meeting.

We are also preparing to upgrade the backup links serving the affected area next week, and already have the equipment to do so, so that such a break will not have this effect on our network in the future.

We are currently working on some software on the back end to issue outage credits to all affected customers, and expect credits to be issued by the end of the week.

REDI Net not able to locate fiber break, emergency repair equipment has not arrived.

REDI Net has not yet located the damaged portion of fiber and has not received the necessary components to resume service to our location. We are currently still operating on our reduced capacity backup link. REDI Net has not provided us with an estimated time for the repair to be completed. We are working to reinforce the backup link early this coming week. Thank you for your patience.

REDI Net Searching for Bullet Hole in Fiber Optic Cable, Resolution Expected Jan 5

As of 4PM today we received notice from REDI Net that they are searching for a small bullet hole in over 2 miles of fiber optic cable to repair the break. It appears it was shot at midnight on Jan 1. In the mean time they have ordered additional equipment to help work around the issue, which is expected to be install sometime tomorrow, Saturday Jan 5th. Once installed it should restore bandwidth to normal for affected customers.

Backup links modified to provide more bandwidth until fiber break is repaired

Per previous posts, we are waiting on upstream provider REDI Net to repair a fiber break in the fiber optic cable providing connectivity to some of our network.

We were able to make some modifications to our backup links providing service to the affected areas to provide more bandwidth. We are currently up to 30-50% of normal capacity in the affected areas.

We will post more updates and update the phone system status message as soon as we have more information.

REDI Net Fiber Break

We were just notified that the upstream provider (REDI Net) outage affecting some of our customers was due to a fiber break. A fiber splicing contractor has been called by REDI Net to locate and repair the break. Normal service will be restored when they are finished finding and repairing the break. We are unable to improve performance until that is resolved.

They have told us it will not be resolved until Thursday the 3rd at the earliest.

Partial REDI Net outage causing slow service as mentioned in previous post

It appears at midnight a switch belonging to our upstream provider REDI Net locked up in some manner. This switch provides fiber connectivity to a large part of our network, and as it is not working we have been running on our own wireless backup links since then. Due to the holiday today, REDI Net did not have access the the room in the building where the switch is located. They will have access tomorrow, January 2nd.

We were already working on improving the capacity of these backup connections to avoid such an issue in the future, we are continuing to do so. We will also be discussing this problem with REDI Net and trying to make sure that they have access to all locations 24/7 in the future. We were not aware until this afternoon that they were unable to access this location during off hours.

It has been a very challenging week for us between the weather and now this issue, but we have been working through the holidays to resolve each issue as it has arisen. Over the next few weeks as weather allows, further changes will be made to help avoid such problems should these conditions occur again. Thank you for your ongoing business.

Happy New Year! We are currently operating at a reduced capacity in the following locations due to an offline piece of network equipment:

Ohkay Owingeh
Northern Espanola

We do not currently have an estimated resolution time. Thank you for your patience as we work to restore capacity.