Small power outage in Española

There is a small power outage in Española affecting our customers in the Las Lomas apartments and the area of the Riverside/76 Intersection. At the moment none of our tower or core equipment is affected and service should be restored to customers once their power comes back on.

A small, inexpensive UPS like this will keep your Internet connection going during a power outage, for $40. :)

Major Upgrade for Black Mesa Tower Monday, February 12th

We are performing a major upgrade of the Black Mesa tower tomorrow, February 12th, from 10AM to 1PM. This will improve battery capacity and router speed and is expected to improve both performance and reliability as a result.

All the necessary pieces are already assembled on site. We anticipate a relatively brief outage (10-15min) for most customers, but it could take some time to ensure that the new system is functioning correctly. Outages may occur at any time during the specified window.

Thanks for your patience with this upgrade.