Velarde Power Outage Update

The power outage in Velarde on Sunday lasted one hour, five minutes. None of our network infrastructure shut down during this time, due to our extensive use of solar power and battery backups.

The REDI Net switch we are connected to went down after 20 minutes without power.

We hope this week to be connected to another REDI Net switch close to one of our towers, and a third in the next month or so. This will help us avoid disconnection in case of a power outage at one location.

As a reminder, if there is a power outage, your Internet service will go down unless you have a battery backup at your home or business, and all networking equipment required for your connection is powered by the battery backup. Such backups can be purchased inexpensively. This is a good example and will power your radio and router for approximately 7 hours:


Please feel free to contact us with any questions about this outage and power or network issues in general at or 844-544-9499.