10/16 REDI Net Outage Update 21:04

We just checked in with REDI Net and they are saying another couple hours on the fiber repair.

Here’s a quick summary:

At around 12:30PM today a truck damaged fiber near the China Kitchen in Española, cutting off REDI Net’s access to the outside, and cutting us off from the southern part of our network (White Rock and Pojoaque).

We have another upstream connection, but it is currently maxed out, because we split traffic between REDI Net and the other connection. As of about an hour ago, peak traffic time, the remaining connection became saturated.

Once the fiber is repaired, customers to the south should have service restored. Peak time is almost over at this point, so we anticipate any bandwidth issues caused by this outage should resolve soon.

Thank you for your patience. While this sort of thing is out of our control, we were just meeting with some of the REDI Net staff today to discuss making the southern parts of the network more redundant in case of something like this.

PS. YouTube was down worldwide for a few hours but seems to be working now.