Partial REDI Net outage causing slow service as mentioned in previous post

It appears at midnight a switch belonging to our upstream provider REDI Net locked up in some manner. This switch provides fiber connectivity to a large part of our network, and as it is not working we have been running on our own wireless backup links since then. Due to the holiday today, REDI Net did not have access the the room in the building where the switch is located. They will have access tomorrow, January 2nd.

We were already working on improving the capacity of these backup connections to avoid such an issue in the future, we are continuing to do so. We will also be discussing this problem with REDI Net and trying to make sure that they have access to all locations 24/7 in the future. We were not aware until this afternoon that they were unable to access this location during off hours.

It has been a very challenging week for us between the weather and now this issue, but we have been working through the holidays to resolve each issue as it has arisen. Over the next few weeks as weather allows, further changes will be made to help avoid such problems should these conditions occur again. Thank you for your ongoing business.