Black Mesa Wireless is NOT offering any kind of "gifts" right now

We received word from a customer that they got a pop-up telling them to choose a box, and that Black Mesa Wireless was offering some kind of gift.

The way these pop-ups work is that they look up your IP address and see that it is associated with Black Mesa Wireless. This is a feature of the internet IP address registration system (WHOIS/ARIN). They are then pretending to be us. Please close any such ads immediately and do not click them.

Possible Tower Work Affecting Dixon, Rinconada, and Embudo

We will be conducting tower work tomorrow, November 14th, weather/road conditions permitting at Cerro Abajo, affecting the Dixon, Rinconada, and Embudo areas.

Work will include an upgrade to double the speed of the router, and some cleanup work. This tower work may result in 2-3 outages of 1-3 minutes’ duration for customers in these areas as we replace and move equipment.

The result of the work should be improved speeds and reliability of service in the affected areas. Thank you for your understanding as we work to upgrade the network.

Link move may cause reduced speeds in northern Española, Chamita, western Alcalde Nov 6

We will be moving a major link supplying our Black Mesa tower in the Chamita area to a different location today. This tower has a backup link but it cannot supply the same amount of bandwidth as the main link.

The result of the move will be more than twice the available bandwidth to the tower. It will take place between 08:30 and 12:00 noon on Tuesday, Nov 6th.

Customers connected to this tower may see reduced speeds during this time; however, the backup link can carry the normal amount of morning traffic this tower sees.

White Rock Outage Resolved

The outage in White Rock was found to be caused by a malfunctioning network switch. A spare was swapped in and all systems are again operational in White Rock as of about 11:15am on Saturday Nov 3rd. Thanks for your patience. We have used many of these switches and never had such an issue but these things do happen once in a while.

We will continue to monitor the site closely in case there are further problems.

10/16 REDI Net Outage Update 21:04

We just checked in with REDI Net and they are saying another couple hours on the fiber repair.

Here’s a quick summary:

At around 12:30PM today a truck damaged fiber near the China Kitchen in Española, cutting off REDI Net’s access to the outside, and cutting us off from the southern part of our network (White Rock and Pojoaque).

We have another upstream connection, but it is currently maxed out, because we split traffic between REDI Net and the other connection. As of about an hour ago, peak traffic time, the remaining connection became saturated.

Once the fiber is repaired, customers to the south should have service restored. Peak time is almost over at this point, so we anticipate any bandwidth issues caused by this outage should resolve soon.

Thank you for your patience. While this sort of thing is out of our control, we were just meeting with some of the REDI Net staff today to discuss making the southern parts of the network more redundant in case of something like this.

PS. YouTube was down worldwide for a few hours but seems to be working now.

Española Upgrade Completed - More Coming!

Today we completed a significant router upgrade affecting many parts of the Española area, and put in infrastructure to boost throughput further in the Sombrillo area. The Sombrillo upgrades will be completed as soon as we receive some backordered equipment, but we hope some of the new equipment there will boost speeds within the next week for those on the eastern part of Sombrillo road.

With the upgrades today we have found a new bottleneck that we plan to address by purchasing more bandwidth for the affected area effective October 1st at the latest. This will allow us to take full advantage of today’s upgrades.

Thanks for your patience as we continue to grow and upgrade our network. We are committed to removing all bottlenecks on our network as we find them and providing the best possible Internet service in the area.

Emergency Outage for all clients connected to the HC tower

Today, Thursday September 20th there will be a brief outage as we work to replace and upgrade some infrastructure at the HC tower location. This outage affects people in Espanola south of Walmart and all clients in Sombrillo. The outage will start around 3PM and last approximately 15 minutes.

We apologize for the short notice and thank you for your patience.

Transformer Failure in Espanola

A transformer feeding power to one of our hub sites has failed, bringing down communications from one of our sites and forcing three tower locations to backup connections.  JMEC is on site and currently working on repairing the power situation.  There is not yet an estimated time of resolution, but as soon as we know more we will provide an update.

This affects all clients from the south edge of Espanola through Alcalde.

Small power outage in Española

There is a small power outage in Española affecting our customers in the Las Lomas apartments and the area of the Riverside/76 Intersection. At the moment none of our tower or core equipment is affected and service should be restored to customers once their power comes back on.

A small, inexpensive UPS like this will keep your Internet connection going during a power outage, for $40. :)